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“IBSA MINISTERIAL JOINT STATEMENT - New York, 23rd September 2011

The IBSA Ministers issued the following statement on 23rd September 2011 on the margins of the 66th Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

1. They observed the nature of the historic occasion as the three IBSA countries serving concurrently as non-permanent members in the UN Security Council during the year 2011.

2. They pledged their continued cooperation to ensure that the voices of these three democracies from the South make a meaningful and unique contribution to global peace and security. They further exchanged views on the current global political, economic and financial environment, which pose considerable challenges, notably for developing countries. They reiterated that the current international system has to be more reflective of the needs and priorities of developing countries. IBSA, as like-minded countries, will continue to strive to contribute to a new world order whose political, economic and financial architecture is more inclusive, representative and legitimate.

3. They underscored the need for urgent reform of the Security Council, including an expansion in both permanent and non-permanent categories of its membership, with increased participation of developing countries in both. The need for greater progress in the intergovernmental negotiations on the UNSC reform was identified as critical to ensure the required impetus to achieve change. They committed themselves to maintain close cooperation and coordination to continue to promote initiatives aimed at achieving tangible results during UNGA66 and thereafter.

4. They acknowledged the positive role that the three IBSA countries have been playing in the maintenance of international peace and security during their current tenure on the Security Council. They committed themselves to continued close cooperation in order to bring their perspectives into the work and decision-making processes of the UNSC.

5. In the context of contributing to sustainable peace and security in countries dealing with post- conflict situations and reconstruction, the IBSA countries recalled the importance of South-South Cooperation, in particular projects carried out through the IBSA Facility for Poverty and Hunger Alleviation (IBSA Trust Fund), among others in Haiti, Palestine, Guinea-Bissau, Burundi and Sierra Leone. Since the announcement of the results of the referendum in the South Sudan on 7 February 2011, IBSA countries are supporting the reconstruction and development of both the Sudan and South Sudan, through the IBSA Trust Fund.

6. They reiterated their view that peacekeeping operations have a contribution to make in early peacebuilding activities and in providing an environment conducive to the implementation of development strategies, as a means to bring immediate peace dividends to afflicted areas and to contribute to a cooperative atmosphere for UN missions.

7. They also noted that when considering the deployment of a mission or in evaluating and renewing the mandate of current missions, the Security Council should work in close cooperation with the Peacebuilding Commission (PBC), with a view to developing a stronger synergy between the two organs.

8. The need for the UN to ensure stronger cooperation and coordination with regional representative bodies such as the African Union and its Peace and Security Council was also reiterated.

9. They stressed that IBSA countries have consistently engaged constructively in deliberations on the UNSC in an effort to find permanent solutions to highly complex issues with emphasis on diplomacy and dialogue. It may be recalled that IBSA Deputy Foreign Ministers visited Syria as part of a trilateral engagement with the Syrian government to encourage democratic changes and a peaceful resolution to the situation. That initiative reflects values shared by the IBSA countries especially with relation to the promotion of democracy and human rights and the protection of civilians.

10. India, Brazil and South Africa committed to resume discussions and coordination on Security Council issues during the IBSA Summit which will be hosted in South Africa on 18 October 2011.

11. India and Brazil conveyed their best wishes to South Africa as host of the next IBSA Summit, on 18 October 2011.”

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