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Republic of Vanuatu


Known in the past as New Hebrides, Vanuatu was administered by England and France. The country became independent in July 30, 1980. Since then, its government system is a parliamentary republic. It is known as the country with the highest language density per capita in the world, because in addition to the official languages (English, French and Bislama), there are still approximately 100 local languages spoken among a population of about 270 thousand people.

Brazil and Vanuatu maintain diplomatic relations since 1986. In June 2012, Prime-Minister Sato Kilman was the first Head of Government from Vanuatu to visit Brazil, when he headed the country’s delegation to the Rio+20 Conference, in Rio de Janeiro. In August 2013, a technical cooperation agreement was signed between Brazil and Vanuatu, aiming at the development of projects in the areas of agriculture, livestock, forestry, fishing and aquaculture. There is no precise information about the number of Brazilians living in Vanuatu.


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