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Tuvalu is a sovereign state located in Oceania. Tuvalu became independent from the United Kingdom in October 1978. The country is a constitutional monarchy. The Parliament, with 15 members, is renewed every four years. There are no organized political parties. The members of Parliament are direct representatives of the interests of each island. Tuvalu joined the United Nations and the Commonwealth in September 2000. The country’s foreign policy establishes as a priority the Pacific region. Tuvalu is a member of the Pacific Islands Forum, the Pacific Community, the Asian Development Bank, UNESCO and the WHO. The country has been active in regional and international forums, especially because of the islands’ vulnerability to climate change.

Brazil and Tuvalu have diplomatic relations since May 12 2006. Decree no. 7.197, of June 2, 2010, created the Brazilian Embassy in Funafuti, Tuvalu, in cumulative jurisdiction with the Embassy in Wellington. There is potential for cooperation in areas such as climate change, training and professional qualification, soccer and civil aviation.

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