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Republic of the Sudan


Brazil and Sudan established diplomatic relations in 1968. The relationship gained greater momentum in the 2000s, which is reflected in the opening of the Embassy of Sudan in Brasilia (2004), the first resident mission of that country in South America, and the establishment of the Embassy of Brazil in Khartoum (2006).

High level visits of Sudanese authorities to Brazil have become more frequent, which provided greater dialogue and bilateral cooperation. Brazilian companies in the agriculture and energy sectors have expanded their activities in the Sudanese economy. In 2013, the Brazilian Federal Senate approved the debt restructuring of the Sudan, with forgiveness of 90% of the amount owned, which enables Brazilian companies interested in operating in or exporting to the country to plead financing in the Brazilian Development Bank.

Chronology of Bilateral Relations

1968 – Establishment of diplomatic relations

2003 – The Ministers of Transportation and of Education of Sudan visits Brazil

2004 – The Embassy of Sudan in Brasilia is inaugurated

2005 – Sudan participates in the I Summit of South American-Arab Countries (ASPA), with delegation headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Osman Ismail

2005 – Brazilian military officers participate in the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS)

2005 – Signature of bilateral Agreement on Technical Cooperation

2006 – Signature of Memorandum of Understanding on Political Consultations

2006 –1st Bilateral Meeting of Political Consultations is held in Brasilia

2006 – The Embassy of Brazil in Khartoum is inaugurated

2007 –2nd Bilateral Meeting on Political Consultations is held in Khartoum

2008 – Ali Ahmed Karti, Special Envoy of President Al-Bashir, visits Brazil

2009 –3rd Bilateral Meeting on Political Consultations is held in Brasilia, with extra session to analyze areas of cooperation

2010 – Brazil participates in the Khartoum International Fair, in association with the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce

2010 – Prospection mission to Khartoum is carried out by the Brazilian Cooperation Agency, with representatives of the Ministry of Agricultural Development, of EMBRAPA, of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, and the ‘Olé Brasil’ club

2010 –Brazilian  electoral observation mission is sent to Sudan, at the behest of the Sudanese government

2010 – The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sudan, Ali Karti, visits Brazil. During the visit, an agreement establishing the Bilateral Joint Commission is concluded

2011 – Creation of the Brazil-Sudan Inter-Ministerial Committee. Chaired by the Minister of Industry, the Committee is composed, among others, by the Ministers of Petroleum, of Agriculture and Irrigation, and the President of the National Assembly. Besides China and Turkey, Brazil is one of the countries with which Sudan has this type of mechanism

2011 – The Governor of Khartoum visits Brazil, occasion on which an agreement is ratified twining the Sudanese capital with the Federal District

2011 –4th Bilateral Meeting on Political Consultation is held in Khartoum

2012 – The Sudanese Minister of Petroleum, Awad Al-Jazz, and the President of the National Assembly of Sudan, Ahmed Ibrahim El-Tahir, visit Brazil

2013 – The Minister of Agriculture of Sudan visits Brazil

2013Visit to Brazil of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Sudan, Ali Ahmed Karti (June 18-21)

2013 – Brazilian Government announces 90% forgiveness of Sudan’s debt

2013 – Signature of project between the Brazilian Cooperation Agency and the Sudanese Government, aiming to establish a biofactory for multiplication of seedlings of sugar cane in the country, with human resources training

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