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Brazil and Romania established diplomatic relations in 1928. That same year, Romania inaugurated a Legation in Rio de Janeiro – its first Legation in Latin America. Brazil rendered the gesture in 1929. Closed in 1939, the Brazilian Legation was reopened in 1961, within the framework of the Independent Foreign Policy. 

Although bilateral relations had drifted apart during the communist period in Romania, President Geisel's pragmatic and mediator foreign policy led to a working visit of the President and Secretary-General of the Romanian Communist Party, Nicolae Ceausescu, to Brazil (1975). 

After that, two Romanian Heads of State paid official visits to Brazil: Ion Iliescu (1992) and Emil Constantinecu (2000), followed by Prime Ministers Petre Roman (1991), Nicolae Vacaroiu (1994) and Adrian Nastase (2003). The then-Vice-President José Alencar (2004) and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Celso Amorim (2010), had working visits to Romania. There is, since June 2013, a Romania-Brazil Friendship Group at the Romanian Parliament. On the Brazilian side, the Brazilian-Romanian Parliamentary Friendship Group was created in the Chamber of Deputies during the 56th legislature.

The two countries maintain a regular mechanism of political consultations. The last meeting was held in Brasilia in 2017. Previous editions took place in 2012, in Brasília, and in 2013, in Bucharest.

In 2018, Brazil-Romania trade reached US$ 541.8 million. US$386.9 million corresponds to Brazilian exports and US$154.9 million to imports. Exports to Romania grew by 27.7% compared to the previous year. Primary or semi-manufactured goods (flour, pellets and soybean cake; soybeans; iron ore; tobacco; and sugar) were the main traded products. Brazilian imports from Romania fell by 19%. Romanian exports to Brazil are mainly made up of manufactured products. Over 90% are auto parts.

Chronology of Bilateral Relations

1928 – Establishment in Brazil of the first Legation of Romania in Latin America

1929 – Opening of the Brazilian Legation in Bucharest

1942 – Termination of diplomatic relations in the context of the World War II

1961 – Reestablishment of diplomatic relations; reopening of the Brazilian Legation in Bucharest

1974 – Elevation of both countries' Legations to Embassy status

1975 – The Secretary General of the Romanian Communist Party and President of Romania, Nicolae Ceausescu, visits Brazil

1991 – Prime Minister Petre Roman visits Brazil

1992 – Participation of the President of Romania, Ion Iliescu, in the Rio-92 Conference

1994 – Prime Minister Nicolae Vacaroiu visits Brazil

1999 – Opening, in Bucharest, of the Cultural Foundation Brazil–Romania and the “Antonio Olinto” Library

2000 – President Emil Constantinescu visits Brazil

2003 – Prime Minister Adrian Nastase visits Brazil

2004 – The Vice-President of the Republic, José Alencar, visits Romania

2010 – Then-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Celso Amorim, pays working visit to Romania. It is the first official visit of a Brazilian MFA to Romania

2013 – Meeting between Foreign Minister Antonio de Aguiar Patriota and Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean on the sidelines of the European Union Summit - CELAC, in Santiago de Chile (January)

2016 – Meeting between then-Secretary of State for Global Affairs, Daniela Gitman, and then-Undersecretary-General of Latin America and the Caribbean (SGALC), held during the EU-CELAC Summit

2017 – Meeting on political consultations in Brasilia (June)

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