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Portuguese Republic

Relations between Brazil and Portugal go far beyond historical dimension. There is mutual interest in using the bilateral political capital to increase trade and investment flow and to create new partnerships in science, technology, culture and education.

Trade has presented a steady growth and has become more balanced. In addition to six hundred Portuguese companies established in Brazil, Portuguese entrepreneurs have shown growing interest in investing in infrastructure projects in the country. Brazilian investments in Portugal have also increased.

Portugal has diversified its political and commercial partnerships. In this context, Brazil occupies a relevant role in the future of economic and commercial relations of that country. For this reason, the Portuguese government supports the negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement between MERCOSUR and the European Union.

Partnerships in science and technology reflect the convergence of the Brazilian interest in professional qualification and the Portuguese interest in the occupation of its renowned academic and laboratorial structure. Recent initiatives in innovation, nanotechnology, biotechnology and energy show the vitality of the technological agenda between the two countries.

The dialogue between Brazil and Portugal in political themes is extensive. Following the close cooperation at the United Nations Security Council, in 2011 – when Brazil and Portugal occupied non-permanent seats ­–, the Portuguese Government was a strong ally in the World Trade Organization selection process that elected Ambassador Roberto Azevêdo.

Educational exchange between Brazil and Portugal is one of the oldest, dating back centuries of shared history. Portugal is one of the main destinations of Brazilian scholarship students participating in the "Science Without Borders" program and the "Program of International College Degrees".

From September 7, 2012 to June 10, 2013 (Portugal, Camoes and the Portuguese Communities Day), the “Year of Brazil in Portugal” and the "Year of Portugal in Brazil” were celebrated, helping to update public opinion on the diversity and dynamism of the contemporary cultural production in the two countries. The “Year of Brazil in Portugal" was the biggest exhibition of Brazilian culture ever hosted abroad: during ten months, 294 events in several Portuguese cities were held, ranging from artistic manifestations to business and scientific-technological events, with an estimated attendance of six million people.

Chronology of Bilateral Relations

1500 – Arrival to Brazil of fleet commanded by navigator Pedro Álvares Cabral and claim to sovereignty over the territory to the Portuguese Crown

1532 – Establishment of hereditary captaincies in the Brazilian territory

1549 – The Governor-General of Brazil is appointed

1775 – Creation of the Vice-Kingdom of Brazil

1808 – Transfer of the Portuguese court to Rio de Janeiro and opening of the ports

1815 – Creation of the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and Algarves

1822 – Declaration of the independence of Brazil

1825 – Recognition of the Brazilian independence by Portugal through the Treaty of Peace and Alliance

1914 – Elevation of the diplomatic representations of Brazil and Portugal to the category of Embassies.

1953 – Signature of the Friendship and Consultation Treaty

1972 – Delivery of the mortal remains of Emperor Pedro I to Brazil

1991 – Performance of the First Brazil-Portugal Summit

1996 – Creation of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP)

2000 – Signature of the Friendship, Cooperation and Trade Treaty.

2003 – Signature of the Agreement on the Facilitation of People Circulation, the Agreement on Reciprocal Hiring of Nationals and the Cooperation Agreement for the Prevention and Repression of the Illicit Traffic of Migrants

2010 – Visit to Portugal of president Lula to participate in the 10th Brazil-Portugal Summitt (Lisbon, May 19)

2011Visit to Brazil of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal, Luís Amado (February 18)

2011 – Visit of President Dilma Rousseff to Portugal (March 29-30)

2011 – Visit to Brazil of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal, Paulo Portas (July 26-28)

2012/2013 – Celebration of the "Year of Brazil in Portugal" and the "Year of Portugal in Brazil".

2012Visit to Brazil of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal, Paulo Portas (September 3-8)

2013Visit to Brazil of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal, Paulo Portas (May 22)

2013Visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio de Aguiar Patriota, to Portugal (April 10-11)

2013Visit of the President of the Republic, Dilma Rousseff, to Portugal (June 10)

2013 – The XI Brazil-Portugal Summit is held (June 10)

2014Visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luiz Alberto Figueiredo, to Portugal (March 20)

2015Visit to Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal, Rui Machete (May 4-7)

2016 – Work meeting of Minister Mauro Vieira with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal, Augusto Santos Silva, on the margins of the Supporting Syria and the Region international conference, in London (February 4)

2016 – 12th Brazil–Portugal Summit (Brasilia, November 1)

2017Visit to Brasilia of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Augusto Santos Silva (March 29)

2018 – Visit of Minister Aloysio Nunes Ferreira to Portugal (Lisbon, October 9-10)

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