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Republic of Mali

Diplomatic relations between Brazil and Mali were established in 1962. An important milestone in the rapprochement between the two countries was the visit of President Moussa Traoré to Brazil (1981), when it was decided to create a joint committee between the two countries – a forum for dialogue to address bilateral issues - and an agreement on cultural, technical and scientific cooperation was signed.

Relations gained new momentum in the first decade of this century, with the opening of the Embassy of Brazil in Bamako (2008) and of the Embassy of Mali in Brasilia (2011). Cooperation in the cotton sector stands out, being Mali one of the beneficiaries of the "Cotton-4", a Brazilian cooperation project that aims at creating conditions for the improvement of the cotton production in Mali, Benin, Burkina Faso and Chade.

Chronology of bilateral relations

1960 – Brazil recognizes the independence of Mali

1962 – Brazil and Mali establish Diplomatic Relations

1981–President Moussa Traoré visits Brazil; Signature of Agreements on Cultural, Scientific and Technical Cooperation and for the creation of Joint Committee

1996 – Prime-Minister Ibrahim Keita visits Brazil

1999– The Minister of Communications, Ascofare Oulematou Tamboura, visits Brazil

2007 – Creation of the Embassy of Brazil in Mali, resident in Bamako. The Embassy begins to function effectively in the second semester of 2008

2008 – Meeting between Minister Celso Amorim and the Minister of Economy, Industry and Trade of Mali, Amadou Diallo, on the sidelines of 12th UNCTAD

2008 – The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport of Mali, Hamed Diané Sémega, visits Brazil

2009 – The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mali, Moctar Ouane, visits Brazil

2009 –Minister Celso Amorim visits Mali

2010 –  President Amadou Touré visits Brazil

2013 – Brazil sends a representative to the inauguration of the new democratically elected president of Mali

2016 – First Meeting of the Steering Committee of the Cotton-4 + Togo Project, in Brasília (April 25-29)

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