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Republic of Macedonia

Brazil recognized the independence of Macedonia in 1995 and diplomatic relations were established in 1998. Macedonian authorities have shown the intention of strengthening the country’s relations with Latin America, particularly with Brazil. For Brazil, the relationship with Macedonia is part of the policy of intensification of contacts with the Balkans.

In 2013, the unprecedented visit of a Macedonian Prime-Minister to Brazil took place. Nikola Gruevski met with political and economic authorities of the States of São Paulo and Paraná. Educational cooperation agreement was signed. In 2016, the Embassy of Macedonia in Brasilia, the first Macedonian Embassy resident in Latin America, started functioning.

In the political field, Macedonia manifested its support to the reform of the UN Security Council proposed by Brazil and to the candidature of Ambassador Roberto Azevêdo to the position of Director-General of the WTO. Brazil supported the election of Macedonia to the UN Human Rights Council.

Brazil and Macedonia signed, in 2011, a visa exemption agreement, which will allow the increase of flows between the two countries, especially Macedonian tourists to Brazil. Trade between Brazil and Macedonia is low, totaling US$ 27 million in 2015.

Chronology of Bilateral Relations

1995 – Brazil recognizes the independence of Macedonia.

1998 Establishment of diplomatic relations

2011 Visit to Brazil of the Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Milososki (May 2-3)

2013 – Visit to Brazil of the Prime-Minister of Macedonia, Nikola Gruevski (April 21-25)

2016 – Ambassador Ivica Bocevski, the first Resident Ambassador of Macedonia in Latin America, presented credentials to Presidente Michel Temer (June 23)

2017Visit to Brazil of the President of Macedonia, Gjorge Ivanov (December 11-15)

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