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Republic of Liberia

Independent since 1847, Liberia was one of the first African countries to establish diplomatic relations with Brazil. Trade contacts between both countries were the main component of the bilateral relation. In the last few years, the process of bilateral rapprochement has been intensified and a Framework Agreement on Technical Cooperation was signed (2009). The Embassy of Brazil in Monrovia was opened in 2011.

Chronology of bilateral relations

1925 – Signing of the Treaty for the Peaceful Settlement of Disputes, the first agreement signed by the two countries

1965 – Brazilian trade mission to West Africa, with a visit to Monrovia

1966 – Brazilian Honorary Consulate is established in Liberia

1973 – New Brazilian trade mission, with a visit to Liberia

1977 – The Minister of Industry and Trade of Liberia, William Dennis, heads economic mission on a visit to Brazil. On this occasion, a trade agreement is signed

1978 – The Embassy of Brazil is established in Monrovia, headquartered in Abidjan

2009 – Signing of the Framework Agreement on Technical Cooperation

2010 – The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Liberia, Olubanke Akerele, visits Brazil (February)

2010 – The President of the Republic of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, visits Brazil; on the occasion six bilateral agreements are signed (April)

2011 – Opening of the Embassy of Brazil in Monrovia

2012 – The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Liberia, Augustine Ngafuan, attends the Annual High-Level Conference on Open Government Partnership; the Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Affairs of Liberia, Amara Konneh, attends the Rio +20 Conference

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