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Kingdom of Lesotho



Brazil and Lesotho established diplomatic relations in 1970. The Embassy of Brazil in Mozambique was cumulatively responsible for representing Brazil before Lesotho until 1997, when this responsibility was transferred to the Embassy of Brazil in Pretoria (South Africa). The Ambassador of Lesotho in Washington (United States) is also non-resident Ambassador to Brazil.

In 2010, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lesotho, Mohlabi Kenneth Tsekoa, was received in Brasilia by Foreign Minister Celso Amorim. This was the first visit of a Foreign Minister of Lesotho to Brazil. On the occasion, both countries signed the Framework Agreement for Technical Cooperation, which is already in force. There is potential for cooperation in areas such as education, HIV / AIDS, tourism, agriculture, water resources, fight against hunger, poverty reduction and sports.

Lesotho has significant mineral resources, which can create opportunities for Brazil. The country benefits from Brazilian positions in favour of relatively less developed countries in the WTO. Lesotho is a member of the Southern African Customs Union (SACU), with which MERCOSUR signed a Preferential Trade Agreement (2009).


Chronology of bilateral relations


1970 – Establishment of diplomatic relations

1991 – Opening of Honorary Consulate of Lesotho in São Paulo

2010 – Foreign Minister Mohlabi Kenneth Tsekoa visits Brazil

2010 – Signature of Framework Agreement for Technical Cooperation

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