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Republic of Iceland



Brazil and Iceland established consular relations in 1923 and diplomatic relations in 1952.The Brazilian Embassy in Oslo (Norway) is concurrently accredited to Iceland. Brazil also has an Honorary Consul in Reykjavik. Iceland is represented in Brazil by its Embassy in Washington and has Honorary Consuls in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. A group of Icelandic immigrants settled in Brazil in the middle of the last century and has been in contact to date with their country of origin.

In the past five years, Brazil has become the fifth largest commercial supplier to Iceland, due to the significant increase of Brazilian raw material exports for aluminum production in the country. Brazil purchases mostly fishery products from Iceland, an important segment of its economy.

In 2011, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Ministry of Fishing and Aquaculture of Brazil and the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture of Iceland, which opens opportunities for bilateral cooperation in the fields of fishery and fish farming.


Chronology of bilateral relations

1952- Establishment of Diplomatic relations

1956 – Signature of Trade Agreement

1969 – Signature of Agreement on the Suppression of Visas

2011 – Signature of Memorandum of Understanding between the Brazilian Ministry of Fishing and Aquaculture and the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture of Iceland

2014 - Visit of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Iceland, Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson (October)

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