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Slovak Republic

Diplomatic relations between Brazil and Slovakia began in 1993, when of the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. The Embassy of Brazil in Bratislava was inaugurated in 2008 - until then, bilateral relation was cumulatively monitored by the Embassy of Brazil in Vienna (Austria). Slovakia has been part of the Visegrád Group since 1991, of the European Union since 2004, of NATO since 2004, of the Schengen area since 2007 and of the Eurozone since 2009.

President Rudolph Schuster visited Brazil in 2001. The following year, President Fernando Henrique Cardoso visited Bratislava. Since then, there were several other official visits to Brazil. The Ministers of Economy (Lubomir Jahnatek, 2009), Environment (Peter Ziga, 2012), Defense (Martin Glvác, 2013), former president Rudolph Schuster (2014), Minister of Foreign and European Affairs (Miroslav Lajcák, 2015), Secretary of Defense (Milos Koterec, 2015) and the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (Igor Slobodník, 2016). In Brasília, Lajcák’s visit was a follow-up to the I Meeting of Political Consultation that took place in the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in 2013. Additionally, Brazil received the visit of President Andrej Kiska and the Secretary of State for Social and Family Issues, Branislav Ondrus, during the Olympic and Paraolympic Games. In 2013, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio de Aguiar Patriota, and the Minister of Defense, Celso Amorim - who attended a meeting of the V4 + Brazil (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland) - visited Slovakia.

The succession of bilateral visits and the holding of the First Brazil -Slovakia Political Consultations Meeting (2013) reinforce the positive prospects of deepening and diversification of bilateral relations. Slovakia has been giving support to important Brazilian candidacies, such as Ambassador Roberto Azevêdo’s for General Director of the World Trade Organization - WTO - and José Graziano da Silva’s for General Director of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations - FAO. It was possible to obtain Slovakian support for several themes, such as the Reform of the United Nations Security Council, the Project of Resolution over the Right to Privacy in the Digital Age, the Open Government Partnership, the EU-Brazil agreement on short-stay visa waiver when traveling on tourism/business, and, especially, the Rio de Janeiro candidacy to host the World Chambers Conference in 2019. It was equally possible to assure the Slovakian participation in nine events promoted by Brazil, such as the III Global Conference on Child Labour and the Second Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety. The good level of interlocution with the local government has confirmed the maturity of the relationship between the two countries.

Bilateral trade has been in deficit for Brazil. In 2012 trade totaled $ 170 million, and Brazil recorded a deficit of US$ 105.9 million The Brazilian Embassy in Bratislava has helped to reverse this situation, promoting business opportunities in Brazil, besides fostering tourism and investments in the country.

The Embassy in Bratislava has been helping to promote Brazilian culture through projects related to cinema, capoeira, music, literature and architecture. There was great local interest, for example, for the "10 +10: Brazilian Modernist and Contemporary Architecture " exhibition, organized in Bratislava (2013).

Chronology of bilateral relations

1918 – Brazil recognizes the independence of Czechoslovakia

1993 – Brazil recognizes the independence of Slovakia

1996 – Brazil changes the cumulative responsibility for Bratislava from the Embassy in Prague to the Embassy in Vienna

1996 – The Minister of the Army, General Zenildo Lucena, visits Slovakia

1997 – The Minister of Defense, Ján Sitek, visits Brazil

1998 – The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zdenka Kramplová, visits Brazil

1999 –  Establishment of EMBRACO in Slovakia

2001 – President Rudolf Schuster visits Brazil

2002 – President Fernando Henrique Cardoso visits Slovakia

2004 – Opening of the Honorary Consulate of Brazil in Bratislava

2009 – The Minister of Economy, Lubomir Jahnatek, visits Brazil

2012 – Visit to Brazil of Defense Minister Martin Glvác to attend "LAAD – Defence & Security" International Exhibition

2012 – The Minister of Environment, Peter Ziga, visits Brazil to attend the Rio +20 Earth Summit

2013 – The Minister of Defense, Martin GLVAC, visits Brazil to attend the "LAAD – Defence & Security" International Exhibition

2013The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio de Aguiar Patriota, visits Slovakia (June 30)

2013 – The Minister of Defense, Celso Amorim, visits Slovakia

2014 – Former Presidente Rudolf Schuster visits Brazil

2015 – The State Secretary of Defense, Milos Koterec, visits Brazil

2015Visit of the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of Slovakia, Mirosláv Lajčák, to Brazil (March 24-26)

2016 – Visit to Brazil (Rio 2016) of President Andrej Kiska and State Secretary for Social and Family Issues, Branislav Ondrus

2018 – Political consultations Meetings between Brazil-Slovakia (October 3)

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