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Republic of Bulgaria

Bulgaria has shown interest in diversifying its partnerships, including through strengthening bonds with Brazil – which is in line with the Brazilian foreign policy of increasing the international presence of the country, including in the Balkans region. The election of President Dilma Rousseff, a descendant of Bulgarians, contributed to stimulate the rapprochement between the two countries.

In 2011, President Dilma Rousseff made the first visit of a Brazilian Head of State to Bulgaria and expressed the Brazilian intention of increasing bilateral cooperation in social issues, agriculture, biofuels, and student exchange. In the occasion, the First Brazil-Bulgaria Business Forum was held and an Economic Cooperation Agreement was signed. In 2012, the Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev visited Brazil in the occasion of the Rio+20 Earth Summit.

Bulgaria has supported Brazilian candidatures in multilateral international organizations, especially in the human rights field. The Brazilian Government has also supported several Bulgarian candidatures in multilateral agencies.

In 2012, bilateral trade recorded the highest volume of its historical series, reaching US$ 438.9 million – which represents an increase of 55% related to the previous year. The acquisition of Embraer jets by the Bulgarian airline was the main factor for this positive result.

The Embassy of Brazil in Sofia has also been dedicated to disseminate Brazilian culture and promote the teaching of the Portuguese language. The Embassy has annually published books of Brazilian writers, such as Clarice Lispector and Nelson Rodrigues, in bilingual editions, and performed presentations of Brazilian classic and popular music.

In 2012, Brazil provided financial aid and donated supplies to support the Bulgarian population affected by severe floods occurred in the south of the country.

Chronology of Bilateral Relations

1909 – Brazil recognizes the independence of Bulgaria

1934 – Creation of the first Brazilian diplomatic delegation in Bulgaria (resident in Bucharest, Romania)

1943 – Diplomatic relations are suspended due to the participation of Bulgaria in the side of the Axis in World War II

1961 – Reestablishment of diplomatic relations and creation of the Brazilian delegation in Sofia

1974 – Elevation of the Brazilian delegation to the category of Embassy

1979 – Delegation headed by Mitko Grigorov, Vice-President of the Bulgarian State Council, attends the inauguration of President João Figueiredo

2000 – Visit to Brazil of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nadejda Mikhailova

2005 – Visit to Brazil of President Georgi Parvanov

2010 –­ Visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Celso Amorim, to Bulgaria. Prime Minister Boyko Borissov visits Brazil for the inauguration of President Dilma Rousseff

2011Visit of Minister Antonio Aguiar Patriota to Bulgaria (September 2)

2011Visit of President Dilma Rousseff to Bulgaria (October 5-6)

2012 – Visit to Brazil of President Rosen Plevneliev on the occasion of Rio+20 Earth Summit

2016Official visit to Brazil of President Rosen Plevneliev, with agenda in Brasilia and São Paulo (February 1-3)

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