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People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Brazil established diplomatic relations with Bangladesh in 1972 and, in the following year, the Bengalese Embassy was opened in Brasília. In 1974, the opening of the Embassy of Brazil in Dhaka – the first Mission of a Latin-American country in Bangladesh – contributed to the political strengthening of relations between the two countries.

The concern with social and economic development challenges, the exchange of experiences on fighting hunger and poverty and humanitarian issues are important themes on the bilateral relations. In 2011, the Brazilian Congress authorized the donation of 500 thousand tons of food to food-insecure countries, part of which was intended to Bangladesh. In the following year, Brazil donated seven thousand tons of rice to that country through the United Nations World Food Program (WFP). In 2013, three thousand tons were donated.

Bangladesh also participates in the Centre of Excellence Against Hunger, established in Brasilia in 2011. Resulting from a partnership between the World Food Programme - WFP and Brazil, the Center is a global forum for exchange of experiences in social protection, with successful initiatives in promoting food and nutritional security and implementing sustainable school meal programs.

Professor Mohammed Yunnus, a Bengali, created, in partnership with the School of Advertising and Marketing (Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing, São Paulo), the "Yunus ESPM Social Business Centre", with the objective of disseminating the concept of "social business" and stimulate the production of scientific knowledge on the theme. Yunnus was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for his work on the positive impacts of "microcredit", i.e. the category of credit for low-income population.

Bilateral trade has experienced significant growth. In 2012, bilateral trade amounted to US$ 891 million – whereas, in 2002, it totaled US$ 55 million. On the Bengali side, the list of exports to Brazil concentrates on textile articles. On the Brazilian side, there is a concentration of exports of sugar.

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