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Principality of Andorra



From the ninth century until 1993, Andorra was a principality ruled by the Head of State of France and the Spanish Bishop of Seo d'Urgell. In 1993, Madrid and Paris recognized the Principality as a sovereign state. In this year, Andorra became a full member of the United Nations and, in 1994, of the Council of Europe.

In May 2013, Brazil and Andorra signed a Treaty on Cooperation in Tourism, seeking to encourage the exchange of tourists and mutual investments in the area, as well as promoting cooperation between the tourism bodies of both Governments through the exchange of experts, experiences and information.

Bilateral trade between Brazil and Andorra is not very significant. In 2012, Brazilian sales amounted to US$ 366.000, and imports from Andorra amounted to about a million dollars. Brazil and Andorra have been negotiating a Tax Information Exchange Agreement.

As Andorra joined the United Nations, Brazil and the Principality began a regular political dialogue and an exchange of votes in elections to international bodies. Andorra has supported almost all the candidacies submitted by Brazil in international organizations.

The Brazilian Ambassador to Spain cumulatively represents Brazil to the Principality of Andorra.


Chronology of the Bilateral Relations

1993 – As Andorra joins the United Nations, Brazil begins regular political dialogue with the Principality

1997 – Appointment of the first non-resident Ambassador of Brazil to Andorra, with residence in Madrid

2013 – The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Andorra, Gilbert Saboya Sunyé, visits Brazil. On the occasion a Memorandum of Understanding on Tourism is signed

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