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Kingdom of Sweden

Brazil and Sweden established diplomatic relations in 1826. The ties were strengthened when the first Swedish immigrants arrived in 1890. In 1909, the first line of regular sea transportation between the two countries was established. Ericsson was the pioneer among Swedish companies to invest in Brazil, in 1924. Investments increased and diversified from 1946 onwards, concentrating in São Paulo – where, in 1953, the Swedish-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce was established.

Brazil and Sweden have expressed interest in intensifying – beyond the economic field – their political dialogue, also at the multilateral level, a process which started with the State Visit of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva to Sweden (2007).

In 2008, the Chief-Minister of the Office of Strategic Affairs of the Presidency of the Republic, Mangabeira Unger, on a visit to Sweden, made a proposal for establishing a strategic partnership between the two countries. The Brazilian proposal was converted into the Strategic Partnership Action Plan, which was signed in 2009, during another visit by President Lula to Stockholm. The mechanism establishes a political dialogue and guides the cooperation in the following areas: trade and investments, bioenergy, defense, environment, science, technology and innovation, education, and culture.

The recent dynamism of the bilateral relations can be credited to three factors:

  • continuous fostering of commercial exchanges and Swedish investments in Brazil;
  • Sweden is the largest consumer of Brazilian ethanol in the European Union and an important ally in the efforts towards establishing an international market for biofuels and liberalizing their trade; and
  • converging views on various themes on the international agenda.

Technical-military cooperation is an important aspect in the bilateral relationship, and it gained new dynamism with the decision of the Brazilian Government to acquire, within the framework of the FX-2 Program, Swedish Saab Gripen NG fighter jets for the Brazilian Air Force. Thirty-six fighter aircraft, initial logistics, pilot and ground team training, and flight simulators will be provided, besides technology transfer and industrial cooperation. The Brazilian participation in the Gripen NG project will imply the sharing of intellectual property of the end product, as well as the qualification of Brazil for future autonomous development of a fifth-generation jet fighter.

Cooperation in science, technology and innovation between Brazil and Sweden is based on the Additional Protocol on Cooperation in Industrial and Innovative High Technology, which was signed in 2009. This framework includes cooperation activities between the Brazilian Agency of Industrial Development (ABDI) and the Swedish Agency of Innovation (VINNOVA, in the Swedish acronym).

The Swedish-Brazilian Center for Research and Innovation (CISB), headquartered in São Bernardo do Campo and opened in 2011, aims at contributing to the development of cutting-edge technological sectors of both countries through identification, development, and support for high technology research projects in different areas of knowledge. Its main acting areas are airspace, defense, and sustainable cities, with emphasis on public safety, urban sanitation, and solid waste treatment.

In 2012, the Vice-President of the Republic, Michel Temer, visited Sweden. During this visit, he met with Vice-Prime-Minister Jan Björklund and had courtesy meetings with Prime-Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and Queen Silvia. The Swedish Royal Couple visited Brazil in 2010 and 2012, during the Rio+20 Conference. In 2011, Prime-Minister Reinfeldt visited Brazil and met with President Dilma Rousseff. He was also in Brazil in 2012, during the Rio+20 Conference.

Chronology of bilateral relations

1826 – Diplomatic relations between the Empire of Brazil and the Kingdom of Sweden are established.

1876 – Visit of D Pedro II to Sweden

1953 – Opening of the Swedish -Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, in São Paulo

1984 – State visit of King Carlos XVI Gustavo and Queen Silvia

1997 – 1st Meeting of Brazil-Sweden Political Consultations in Brazil

2002 –President Fernando Henrique Cardoso attends a meeting on Progressive Governance in Stockholm, at the invitation of Prime- Minister Göran Persson.

2006 – 2nd Meeting of Brazil-Sweden Political Consultations, in Brasília. Opening of the Office of the Swedish Trade Council in São Paulo, in the presence of Crown Princess Victoria

2007 – 3rd Meeting of Brazilian-Swedish Political Consultations, in Stockholm

2007 – State Visit of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva to Sweden

2008 – The President of the Swedish Parliament, Per Westerberg, visits Brazil. Queen Silvia visits Brazil to attend the 3rd International Conference Against Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents, in Rio de Janeiro

2009 – President Lula visits Stockholm, during the European Union-Brazil Summit. Signing of the Swedish-Brazilian Strategic Partnership Action Plan

2010 – The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, Carl Bildt, visits Brazil. The Swedish Royal Couple visits Brazil

2011 – Prime-Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt visits Brazil

2011 – Queen Silvia visits Brazil and attends the Conference on Children, in the Brazilian Congress, sponsored by the UN

2012 – The President of the Swedish Parliament, Per Westerberg, visits Brazil

2012 – The King and Queen of Sweden and Prime-Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt participate in the Rio+20 Conference

2012 – The Vice-President of the Republic, Michel Temer, visits Sweden

2012 – The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antônio de Aguiar Patriota, visits Sweden (August)

2013 – The Ministers of Industry, Annie Lööf, and Commerce, Ewa Björling, and the Minister for Children and the Elderly, Maria Larsson, visit Brazil

2013 – Brazil announces the decision to acquire Saab Gripen NG fighter aircrafts for the Brazilian Air Force

2015 – Visit of President Dilma Rousseff to Sweden, when the new Strategic Partnership Action Plan Brazil-Sweden is adopted (October 18 and 19).

2017 – King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia visit Brazil (April 3-7)

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