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Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Diplomatic relations between Brazil and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) were established in 2001. The Embassy of Brazil in Pyongyang was installed in 2009 and the Embassy of North Korea in Brasilia was inaugurated in 2005. Brazil is the only Latin American country with resident Embassies in both Koreas.

Brazil stimulates dialogue and negotiation as a means to achieve peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and considers that both Koreas should be main actors of this process, not dispensing with the support from the international community - particularly the United Nations.

Brazil provides technical cooperation to North Korea in agriculture, especially the cultivation of soybeans. In 2010, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of EMBRAPA held technical mission to the country, occasion when Agreement on Technical and Economic Cooperation was signed.

In solidarity with the difficulties faced by the North Korean people, Brazil has lead three initiatives of humanitarian aid to the country, all through the UN World Food Programme: in April 2010, monetary donation of US$ 200,000.00; in December 2011, donation of 16,500 tons of maize; and between April and May 2012, donation of 4,600 tons of beans.

When of the launching of the North Korean rocket (December 2012) and nuclear testing (February 2013, May 2009 and October 2006), Brazil manifested itself publicly in favor of disarmament and non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, urging North Korea to fully comply with all relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council, to contribute actively to create the necessary conditions to restart negotiations aimed to ensure peace and security on the peninsula.

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