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Kyrgyz Republic

Diplomatic relations between Brazil and the Kyrgyz Republic were established in 1993 – Brazil was the first State to recognize the independence of that country, which took place in 1991.

In 2012, the Vice-Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic, Djoomart Otorbaev, visited Brazil on the occasion of the Rio+20 Conference. In bilateral meeting with Brazilian authorities at the margins of the Conference, the potential for cooperation in the hydroelectric sector, including the possibility of Brazilian companies to make investments in the country, was identified. There is also interest in bilateral cooperation on agriculture and tourism.

In 2010, the Brazilian Government donated US$ 300 thousand to the Kyrgyz Republic, in response to the appeal for humanitarian assistance made by the Kyrgyz Government after the ethnical conflicts in Osh and Jalalabad. In 2013, Brazil donated US$ 50 thousand to the Kyrgyz Government through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for supporting activities in favor of refugees, people internally displaced and under situation of vulnerability in the country.

Chronology of Bilateral Relations

1993 – Recognition of the independence of the Kyrgyz Republic

2012 – Visit of the Vice-Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic


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