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President of the Federative Republic of Brazil – Articles

Created: Wednesday, 30 April 2014 12:16 | Last Updated: Thursday, 04 July 2019 19:31

G20 Cooperation in times of change (The Global Governance Project - 17/06/2019)

Jair Messias Bolsonaro, President, Brazil A new Brazil will be at Osaka to participate in the G20 summit. The Brazilian people have expressed, in the streets and at the ballot box,...

  • Written by Vidya Alves Moreira
  • publicado
  • 04/07/19
  • 17h07

"Brazil has once again a prosperous future" says Temer (Folha de S. Paulo – 16/05/2018)

Translated by BrazilGovNews "I would like to ask you for your attention to mention a number from January 2016. On the Stock Exchange, Petrobras was worth R$ 67 billion. A little over two...

  • Written by Vidya Alves Moreira
  • publicado
  • 16/05/18
  • 10h44

President of Brazil says ‘Brazil is Back in Business’ (Myanmar Business Today – 06/02/2018)

Michel Temer, president of the Federative Republic of Brazil On January 24th, I set out on my first 2018 international activity. I will be participating in the World Economic Forum in...

  • Written by Vidya Alves Moreira
  • publicado
  • 08/02/18
  • 11h23

O Brasil na Rússia e na Noruega (O Estado de S. Paulo, 16/06/2017)

Visitarei na próxima semana a Rússia e a Noruega. Meus compromissos incluirão reuniões com o presidente Vladimir Putin, em Moscou, e com o rei Harald V e a primeira-ministra Erna...

  • Written by Ana Emilia Lanna Ribeiro Leite Ribeiro
  • publicado
  • 16/06/17
  • 13h15

The Olympic Games in Brazil, a country that welcomes the world with open arms (7/5/2016)

Today, exactly thirty days before the world`s greatest sporting event is scheduled to begin, Brazil can say with confidence: we are ready to host the first Olympic and Paralympic Games to...

  • Written by
  • publicado
  • 05/07/16
  • 07h00

Refugees and Hope (Folha de S. Paulo – Sep 10, 2015 / Huffington Post – Sep 22, 2015)

Even at a time when we strive to overcome our own difficulties, Brazil welcomes with open arms all refugees who wish to live and work here. The refugee crisis in the Middle East and North...

  • Written by Telma Regina Pavarino Costa
  • publicado
  • 10/09/15
  • 10h06

Rio 2016: the greatest sporting event (The Times of India – Aug 5,2015)

With exactly a year to go for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil`s president Dilma Rousseff writes exclusively for TOI on the extensive steps taken by her country to deliver on its...

  • Written by Telma Regina Pavarino Costa
  • publicado
  • 05/08/15
  • 13h33

The future of human beings is what matters (Financial Times – Mar 10, 2009)

For me, capitalism has never been an abstract concept. It is a real, concrete part of everyday life. When I was a boy, my family left the rural misery of Brazil"s north-east and set off for...

  • Written by Rodolfo Girade
  • publicado
  • 10/03/09
  • 12h26
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