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Diplomats promote Brazilian interests at the international level,

strengthening cooperation bonds between Brazil and its foreign partners, and provide assistance to Brazilians abroad.

Throughout their career, diplomats may be in charge of tasks as diverse as human rights, social affairs, environment, education, energy, peace and security, commercial promotion, financial issues, cooperation for development, promotion of the Brazilian culture, educational cooperation, ceremonial and protocol, among others. In addition to negotiating on behalf of Brazil with all 194 countries with which relations are kept, a diplomat may also represent the country in the various international organizations of which Brazil is a member.

Some of the activities undertaken by diplomats are:

  • represent Brazil before other countries and international organizations;
  • gather information to contribute to the formulation of Brazilian foreign policy;
  • participate in international meetings and negotiate on behalf of Brazil;
  • promote Brazilian foreign trade and attract tourism and investments;
  • promote the culture and values of the Brazilian people;
  • provide consular assistance to compatriots abroad.

When carrying out consular activities, a diplomat will support and guide Brazilian students, victims of natural disasters and domestic or urban violence, prisoners, and people in need. The diplomat will also be in charge of performing notarial acts and organizing elections abroad.

Admission to the diplomatic carrier occurs through public contest organized by the Rio Branco Institute - the organ of Itamaraty responsible for the selection, training, and advanced training of diplomats. The Entrance Examination to the Diplomatic Carrier has been held annually since 1946.

A diplomat enters the career as Third Secretary. Based on objective criteria and merits, they may be promoted to Second Secretary, First Secretary, Counselor, Second Class Minister, and First Class Minister (Ambassador).

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