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Science, technology and innovation

Cooperation in science, technology and innovation

Brazil has signed over 40 bilateral agreements on cooperation in science, technology and innovation, in addition to addressing the subject in several regional and multilateral mechanisms and forums. In an increasingly globalized and interconnected world, developments in these areas depend more and more on collaboration between countries ...

Innovation Diplomacy Program

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Innovation Room

The Innovation Room is an initiative by the Brazilian Federal Government with a view to 

StartOut Brasil

StartOut Brasil is a federal government program to support

Digital TV

Originally developed in Japan, the "Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting – Terrestrial" (ISDB-T) digital television standard was adapted in order to incorporate technical solutions designed by Brazilian experts, leading to the creation of what is called today the "Japanese-Brazilian standard".

Science, Technology and Innovation sections (SECTECs)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has 54 science, technology and innovation sections (SECTECs) in its posts abroad (embassies and consulates) and regional offices in Brazil.

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