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The United States Agency for International Development (USAID)


The Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) of the Ministry of External Relations
(hereinafter referred to as the "Agencies"),

Considering that:

The Government of the United States of America and the Federative Republic of Brazil share a long partnership in the field of technical cooperation established through the Technical Cooperation Agreement signed and in force since December 19, 1950, and amended by mutual agreement on January 8, 1952;

The United States of America and the Federative Republic of Brazil signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Implementation of Technical Cooperation Activities in Third Countries, on 3 March 2010;

The Agencies of both countries have implemented, over the last two years, initiatives aimed at strengthening and expanding cooperation between Brazil and the United States of America;

The Agencies share a desire to strengthen cooperation in order to foster economic development, improve healthcare and promote social inclusion in countries selected in agreement between the Agencies;

The Agencies anticipate that greater coordination and harmonization of aid activities will involve increasing efficiency and improved results;

Therefore, both Agencies have reached the following understandings:


The intent of this Memorandum of Understanding (hereinafter referred to as “Memorandum”) is to establish guidelines under which ABC and USAID will conduct a professional exchange program, with the participation of members of each Agency.

Program Guidelines

1. Initially, the professional exchange program should be conducted on an experimental basis at the offices of the respective Agencies located in Brasilia-DF (Brazil), on a half time basis for 30 (thirty) days. Based on results of the initial part of this initiative, the professional exchange program could be expanded to USAID offices located in other countries that would be defined jointly by the Agencies, on a full-time basis for a period of time jointly agreed to by the Agencies.

2. The staff eligible for participation in the exchange program should have a minimum of 6 (six) months of experience in bilateral or trilateral technical cooperation and project development with their respective Agency and should be formally appointed by the authorized representatives of each Agency, described in Section VII of this Memorandum.

3. Each Agency shall submit to the other a plan of activities to be undertaken by the individual designated to participate in the Professional Exchange Program.


1. The Professional Exchange Program to be held in Brasilia-DF should not involve additional costs to the Agencies. Each Agency should be responsible for compensation of its respective professional staff while on exchange at the other Agency, and staff on exchange will not be remunerated in any form by the host Agency.

2. In the case that the Professional Exchange Program expands to offices of USAID in other countries, each Agency will be responsible for the salary and living expenses of their respective staff during the period of professional practice.

Steering committee

1. The implementation of the Professional Exchange Program will be jointly planned and coordinated by a Steering Committee which will consist of four (4) members appointed by the authorized representatives of the Agencies.

2. At the request of either Agency, the Steering Committee will meet to monitor the progress of the Professional Exchange Program, solve problems, identify new opportunities, or for any other reason concerning the development of the program.

Monitoring and Assessment

Each Agency should designate personnel from their technical staff responsible for coordinating and managing programs and projects to monitor and evaluate the work to be performed by technicians.


1. The Agencies intend to cooperate to give appropriate mutual publicity to the Professional Exchange Program. Both Agencies will retain the discretion to use their own logos, markings or other means of publicizing each Agency’s contribution, in equal dimensions.

2. Published reports or any other aspects of public release of information about the Professional Exchange Program resulting from this Memorandum will be approved in advance by both Agencies and should present, in equal dimensions, the official symbols of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC).

Authorized Representatives

USAID would be represented by its legal representative or by its Acting Director designated for Brazil and ABC will be represented by its Acting Director. Each Agency may, by written notice to the other Agency, identify additional representatives authorized to represent that Agency for all purposes other than executing modifications to this Memorandum. Each Agency may notify the other Agency, in writing, of any changes to authorized representatives.


This Memorandum may be modified in writing by agreement between the Agencies.

Dispute Settlement

Any differences that may arise from the interpretation or implementation of this Memorandum shall be settled by the Steering Committee.

Rights and Obligations

This Memorandum does not create rights or obligations to the Agencies, nor to their respective Governments under International Law.


Either Agency may suspend or terminate this Memorandum by notification in advance to the other Agency of at least 90 (ninety) days.

Signature and Commencement

This Memorandum will come into effect upon signature and commence activities on/about April 1, 2011.

Signed at Brasilia, in duplicate, this 10th day of February, 2011 in the English and Portuguese languages, both texts being equally authentic.

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