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The visit of President Dilma Rousseff to the United States, on April 9 and 10, will allow for the strengthening of the US-Brazil partnership, as well as for fostering the bilateral dialogue that has been held since President Barack Obama’s visit to Brazil, in March 2011.

Trade, investment, science and technology, innovation, educational cooperation and energy, as well as regional and global affairs, are prominent issues on the meeting’s agenda.

In Washington, on April 9, President Dilma Rousseff will meet President Barack Obama, participate in the US-Brazil CEO Forum and close the “US-Brazil Partnership for the 21st Century” Seminar. The event will bring together significant representatives from business, academic and governmental communities in both countries.

On April 10, in Cambridge (Massachusetts), the President will visit the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where she will hold meetings with the academic and scientific community, and Harvard University, where she will meet Brazilian students holding scholarships granted by the “Science without Borders” program. In Boston, President Dilma Rousseff will meet the Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick.

Brazil and the US have 24 bilateral mechanisms for dialogue, coordination and consultation at ministerial level, the three most important being the Global Partnership Dialogue (Ministry of External Relations / Department of State), the Economic and Financial Dialogue (Ministry of Finance / Department of the Treasury) and the Strategic Dialogue on Energy (Ministry of Mines and Energy / Department of Energy).

The United States was the second most significant trading partner for Brazil in 2011, after China. Between 2007 and 2011, trade exchange between both countries increased by 37%, from US$ 44 billion to US$ 60 billion. Brazil’s trade with the US corresponded to 12,4% of Brazilian foreign trade in 2011. In January and February 2012, trade exchange with the US expanded 20% in relation to the same period in 2011, from US$ 7.9 billion to US$ 9.5 billion. Brazilian exports to the US increased by 38% and imports from the US increased by 6% in the same period.

In 2011, Brazil was the sixth-largest source of visitors to the US (after Canada, Mexico, Japan, United Kingdom and Germany) and the US was the second-largest source of visitors to Brazil (after Argentina).

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