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The Brazilian Government strongly condemns the attacks perpetrated today at two mosques in Sanaa, capital of the Republic of Yemen, which killed dozens and wounded hundreds of people.

The Brazilian Government calls on all Yemeni political actors to refrain from acts that may radicalize the political process, as well as to persevere with the dialogue to tackle issues concerning the institutional crises of that Arab Nation.

Brazil reiterates the central role of Yemeni political stabilization for the proper solution of several urgent Middle Eastern geopolitical issues, such as humanitarian assistance to refugees from the Horn of Africa, fight against religious extremism and crackdown on piracy in the Indian, Arabian and Red seas, among others.

As a contribution to the Yemeni socioeconomic uplift, the Brazilian Government has invited and received, since 2012, successive official missions from that country, for technology training and human development policies, fight against hunger, rural development and implementation of social assistance and basic education programs. These efforts lead to the signature of the Bilateral Framework Agreement for Technical Cooperation, in August 2014, an instrument that will guide further bilateral cooperation actions, as soon as the process of ratification by the signing parties is concluded.

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