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The Brazilian government continues to follow, with great concern, the developments in Venezuela, especially via UNASUR'S Commission of Foreign Ministers, comprised of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador, and through direct channels with the Venezuelan government. Some measures taken in the past few days, such as those directly affecting political parties and democratically elected representatives, or those aiming at the shortening of the Presidential mandate, draw growing attention.

The Brazilian government deems it urgent to resume the political dialogue sponsored by UNASUR's Commission of Foreign Ministers, which counts with the resolute support of the Holy See. Thus, Brazil reiterates its willingness to actively contribute with the Government of Venezuela and with all the Venezuelan actors involved in the resumption of said dialogue.

The Brazilian government urges all Venezuelan political actors, and the social forces supporting them, to abstain from every act that may jeopardize this much-desired dialogue. The main goal is to help Venezuela, within its Constitutional frame, to obtain the conditions needed to resume the country's economic and social development in a peaceful and harmonious environment.

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