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Five years after the earthquake of 2010, that claimed so many thousands of lives, including those of eighteen Brazilians who were in Port au Prince on a humanitarian mission, the Government and the people of Brazil reach out to the fraternal people of Haiti and reaffirm their deep sorrow and their devoted solidarity as the Haitian people face the task of reconstructing their country.

Through Ms. Zilda Arns, that exemplarily dedicated herself to the humblest, and whose life was also taken by the 2010 earthquake, the Government and the people of Brazil pay respect to the Brazilians deceased in that tragedy and to all Brazilians who for more than a decade have been engaged in a spirit of solidarity to help the people of Haiti.

At this moment of remembrance and renewal, the Brazilian Government exhorts the people of Haiti, through its democratic institutions, to unite with a view to strengthen Haiti´s project for a democratic and prosperous nation. It is this unity that will allow the overcoming of Haiti´s many challenges that still remain so the country may be capable to guarantee security and stability for its citizens. Furthermore, a united Haiti will foster a more favorable environment for economic activities, investments and international cooperation that will generate employment, opportunities and a vision of the future for all Haitian citizens.

The Brazilian Government wishes that, in the present moment, Haitian political leaders and all citizens quickly find a formula that will allow an early resumption of efforts for the benefit of the Haitian nation, within the procedures of democracy, with full respect to the Constitution, and within the framework of the institutions strenuously built by the Haitian people in the last years.

The Brazilian Government remains fully engaged to its permanent solidarity and commitment to the cause of a democratic and stable Haiti in order to help, through all means within its reach, always in accordance with the sovereign will of the Haitian people and in consultation with other partner and fraternal countries associated with the same goal.

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