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The Brazilian Government received with great satisfaction the announcements, by the governments of Cuba and of the United States, of the beginning of negotiations for the normalization of bilateral relations between the two countries, eliminating, thus, a remnant of the Cold War.

The Brazilian Government wishes both countries all the success in the process that now begins.

The Brazilian Government congratulates Presidents Raul Castro and Barack Obama for the leadership, political courage and strategic vision displayed with this historic decision, which will, hopefully, be followed by the prompt lifting of the embargo. Brazil also greets His Holiness Pope Francis for the important contribution provided for the diplomatic efforts which led to the announcement.

The normalization of relations between Cuba and the United States – decision fully in line with the unanimous call of the continent for the participation of Cuba in the next Summit of the Americas – will contribute to the consolidation of peace, democracy and prosperity in our region. It will also strengthen the commitment of the Americas with the dialogue among sovereign States which see cooperation as the foundation of a more just international order for the benefit of all.

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