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The Minister of External Relations, Ambassador Luiz Alberto Figueiredo Machado, will visit Caracas, on April 24, to participate as a guarantor of the third formal dialogue meeting between the Venezuelan government and opposition forces. As occurred in the second dialogue meeting, on April 15, the Foreign Ministers of Colombia and Ecuador will also participate as guarantors.

On the occasion of the Extraordinary Meeting of the UNASUR Council of Foreign Ministers, in Santiago, Chile (March 12), a Commission of UNASUR Foreign Ministers was created to monitor, support and advise on a broad and constructive political dialogue in Venezuela.

On the second visit to Caracas, the Commission was able to facilitate the initiation of a dialogue process in Venezuela at the first formal dialogue meeting on April 10. Following up on the process, the Venezuelan government and the opposition forces involved invited the Foreign Ministers of Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador to participate as guarantors of the dialogue process.

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