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The Brazilian Government has welcomed the election of Dr. Fernando Cesar Ferreira to the post of Executive Secretary of the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE). The term of office will be three years with the possibility of reelection.

Brazil is a founding member of OLADE and has been active in the work of the Organization, created by the Lima Agreement in 1973. The election of Dr. Fernando Cesar Ferreira reflects the country's commitment to promoting policies for energy integration in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Dr. Fernando Ferreira is an economist with a Masters and a Doctorate in engineering, and has thirty years of experience working in the Brazilian electricity sector. Since 2011, he has worked as the OLADE Director of Integration, second highest position in the organizational hierarchy. In this role, among other activities, he has coordinated the Organization's regional units, led the work of elaborating the energy balance in the region and developed regional integration projects in 27 member countries of the Organization.

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