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The Brazilian Foreign Ministry welcomed the positive outcome of the case of the Brazilian nationals Vitória Alves Jesumary and her youngest daughter. Both were sheltered since November 28 at the Embassy of Brazil in Oslo, Norway, where they awaited the decision of the local guardianship council about the cancellation of the order to deliver the child to a foster family and the permission for the child's return to Brazil. Both departed today (Dec. 17) at 6.00 pm (local time).

During their stay at the Embassy, the Brazilians received assistance from the Brazilian Government. The Embassy in Oslo, in coordination with their family's lawyer, provided mediation between Mrs. Jesumary and her ex-husband, monitored all court hearings, made representations to the Norwegian authorities, and arranged for the repatriation of both.

In Brazil, the Foreign Ministry has kept in touch with the family and contacted the Brazilian Reference Center for Social Assistance in Varadouro (Olinda / PE) about issuing the documents requested by the Norwegian authorities, which allowed the reversal of the decision of the guardianship council and the permission for the child's return to Brazil.

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