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Brazil was elected, by acclamation, on January 29th, as Chair of the Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) of the United Nations in 2014. In addition, Brazil chairs the works of the Commission regarding Guinea-Bissau.

Established in 2005 and inspired by some of the principles promoted by Brazil in the late nineties, the Peacebuilding Commission aims to assist countries emerging from conflict situations to consolidate peace and achieve political stability and sustainable development with social inclusion. Besides Guinea-Bissau, the Commission works on the following countries: Burundi, Republic of Guinea, Liberia, Central African Republic and Sierra Leone.

During its tenure in 2014, Brazil will promote greater participation of developing countries, African regional and sub-regional organizations, and civil society organizations in the activities of the Commission. It will also hold a productive engagement with the United Nations Security Council. Furthermore, it will seek to promote further reflection on the interdependence between security and development in peacebuilding activities and the importance of national ownership and capacity building of local staff for the success of policies to help countries emerging from conflict situations.

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