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The Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized, on October 7, at Itamaraty, the event "Dialogue with EU Ambassadors in Brazil: growth, sustainability and public policies". Ministers Walter Braga Netto, Ernesto Araújo, Paulo Guedes, Tarcísio Freitas, Tereza Cristina and Roberto Campos Neto took part in the event.

During the Dialogue, the ministers presented Brazilian public policy initiatives regarding economic recovery, ongoing structural reforms, agribusiness sustainability programs and concessions in the area of ​​infrastructure. Emphasis was placed on the role of the Government Center in coordinating policies and promoting reforms that include the accession to the OECD and adherence to its instruments.

Brazil is the non-member country with the closest relationship and the greatest adherence to the legal instruments of that Organization. Ministers also discussed the internationalization of the Brazilian economy, Brazil's accession to the OECD and the commercial integration resulting from the Mercosur-European Union Agreement. The importance of Brazil's alignment with OECD standards for regulatory measures, investment and public governance was also emphasized.

EU ambassadors presented the bloc’s current priorities and, in particular, its recovery plan, entitled “Green Recovery”. The strategic partnership between Brazil and the European Union is based on principles and values ​​shared by both societies and promotes bilateral trade, financial, scientific, technological and investment flows.

The exchange of experiences at the meeting is part of the growing dialogue between Brazil and the EU on various topics of the international and public policy agenda. It also highlighted new opportunities for cooperation stemming from post-crisis economic recovery, emphasizing the enormous potential that arises from the strengthened historical, social and economic bonds uniting our societies.

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