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The 56th Summit of Heads of State of MERCOSUR and Associated States will take place on July 2nd and will be preceded on July 1st by an ordinary meeting of the Common Market Council, a decision-making body at ministerial level. Due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, both meetings will be held, for the first time, through video conference.

The two meetings mark the end of the Paraguayan Pro Tempore Presidency of MERCOSUR and the beginning of the Uruguayan Pro Tempore Presidency. The meetings will also offer an opportunity to examine the situation and prospects of the regional integration process, in addition to the bloc's external relations.

Under the Paraguayan Pro Tempore Presidency and despite sanitary restrictions, MERCOSUR carried on its work to strengthen its economic and commercial aspect and its trade negotiations with other partners, as well as its capacity to produce concrete results for the benefit of its citizens.

In 2019, Brazil’s exports to MERCOSUR countries totaled around $15 billion, and imports amounted to $13 billion, with a surplus of $ 2 billion.

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