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The Common Market Council, MERCOSUR's highest-level body composed of foreign affairs and economy ministers of the four member countries, approved on March 30 an immediate allocation of nearly US$6 million from its development fund (FOCEM) to an initiative to combat the COVID-19 in the four countries of the bloc. In Brazil, the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ) will receive US$ 1.3 million.

In addition, a $10 million contingency fund has been approved to help fight against the pandemic.

The resources will be used to buy supplies, equipment, protective wear, diagnostic kits, to increase production of testing kits and to develop and produce a serological diagnostic test. 

The initiative is in line with the "Statement by the Presidents of MERCOSUR on the regional coordination to contain and mitigate the coronavirus and its impact", of 18 March 2020.


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