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 Source: Global Affairs Canada

The governments of Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Saint Lucia, Venezuela members of the Lima Group, condemn the use of force by the dictatorial regime of Nicolas Maduro to prevent the deputies of the National Assembly from freely accessing the session, convened for today, January 5, to democratically elect their Governing Board. 

The National Assembly has the constitutional right to meet without intimidation or interference in order to elect its President and Governing Board, and therefore we do not recognize the result of an election that violates those rights and which has taken place without the full participation of the deputies who attended the session.

The Lima Group follows with great concern the events taking place in Venezuela and calls on the international community to work together in support of the restoration of democracy and the rule of law in the country.

5 de enero de 2020

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