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Regarding the Folha de SP article entitled "Brazil refuses to evacuate South Americans from the  coronavirus epicenter and gives a ride to Poles", the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense underscore the disconnection between the article's headline, which is negative and sensationalist, and the informative content of the text, which in itself shows the complexity of the operation and the impossibility of meeting the transport demands of more than 80 passengers, of different nationalities.

Operação Regresso (Operation Return), as the article acknowledges, transported 34 Brazilians and foreign family members in two FAB VC-2 planes available to the Presidency of the Republic, from Wuhan to the air base in Anápolis-GO.

The aircrafts, as previously reported, have limited passenger capacity. In addition, given the number of crew and medical professionals who boarded in Brazil to carry out examinations and accompany passengers throughout the flight, the number of available passenger seats was significantly reduced, which made it impossible to meet, even partially, requests made by citizens of other countries.

Since the aircraft flight plan included landing and refueling in Warsaw, it was possible to transport only six Polish residents. It should be noted, by the way, that the Polish government was in solidarity with Brazil from the first moment and was ready to receive the planes in its territory.

There was, therefore, no discretionary denial regarding requests for support, but only logistical impossibility of accommodating more than 80 people, in addition to the practical difficulty of transporting them to their various countries once they landed in Brazil, or of keeping them in quarantine in national territory.

All of these elements are clear in the text of the article in question, and the distance between the title and the text of the article jumps out at the exempt and well-informed reader. At no time, on the other hand, did the Itamaraty receive expressions of displeasure from the requesting countries. On the contrary, everyone thanked the Brazilian government for its willingness to help and understood the difficult logistical conditions involved, which prevented, after all, the fulfillment of requests received. Contrary to what the article tries to deconstruct, Brazil continues to be recognized, in the scope of international relations and especially in South America, as a country of solidarity and high humanitarian spirit.

The Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs defend freedom of the press, they value a free press, but they defend, above all, the right of citizens to be well informed. The matter in question does the population a disservice

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