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The Government of Brazil welcomes the Peace to Prosperity Plan presented yesterday by the President of the United States Donald Trump, which sets forth a promising vision for putting back on track the process towards a much sought-after solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, after more than seven decades of fruitless efforts.
Aiming to secure a peaceful and achievable coexistence of the State of Israel and a Palestinian state – based upon a security and territorial/economic perspective - the proposal is embodied in a document that is both sensible and ambitious. If considered in good faith by all involved, it is a valuable initiative that can offer hope for the achievement of lasting peace for Israelis and Palestinians, Arabs and Jews and for the region as a whole.
As a matter of fact, the vision set forth takes into consideration both Palestinian and Israeli aspirations, including fundamental issues such as the eradication of terrorism, the existence of Israel as a State capable of providing security to its population, the establishment of a democratic Palestinian State committed to peace, territorial viability, and the fostering of economic conditions necessary for greatly improving the Palestinian people’s well being.
The Brazilian Government urges both Israelis and Palestinians to consider the plan carefully and to start negotiations based on the premises set forth therein.
The plan is compatible with the constitutional principles that govern Brazilian foreign policy, namely the defense of peace, the repudiation of terrorism, and the self-determination of peoples. Therefore, Brazil stands ready to contribute to the peace building process whenever called to do so.

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