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On the occasion of the visit of President Jair Bolsonaro to New Delhi, Brazil and India signed an Investment Cooperation and Facilitation Agreement. It is the first instrument to establish an investment regime between Brazil and an Asian country and will contribute to further strengthening bilateral economic cooperation.

India has an important participation in the Brazilian Investment Partnerships Program (PPI), particularly in electricity transmission, with planned investments of around R$ 7 billion. The country is also present in the sectors of transformation and extractive industries, financial activities, insurance and related services, agriculture, livestock, forestry and aquaculture. Brazilian companies, in turn, invest in the Indian sectors of electric motors, steel, banking and commercial automation and mining.

Brazil will have thus signed its 15th ACFI, an innovative instrument that enshrines, as key elements of investment promotion, cooperation between governments, their practical and constant support to investors and the prevention of disputes.


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