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Upon learning of the actions taken by the United States in recent days in Iraq, the Brazilian Government expresses its support for the fight against the scourge of terrorism and reiterates that this fight requires the cooperation of the entire international community without seeking any justification for or relativization of terrorism. 

Brazil is also ready to take part in international efforts to help prevent conflict escalation at this time.

Terrorism cannot be considered a problem restricted to the Middle East and developed countries, and Brazil cannot remain indifferent to this threat, which also affects South America.

Given this reality, since 2019 Brazil has fully participated in the Hemispheric Ministerial Conference on the Fight against Terrorism. A new session of the Conference will take place in Bogota on January 20.

Brazil closely follows the developments in Iraq, including its impact on oil prices, and once again calls for the unity of all nations against terrorism in all its forms.

Brazil also condemns the recent attacks on the US Embassy in Baghdad and calls for respect for the Vienna Convention and the integrity of US diplomatic agents recognized by the Iraqi government in that country.

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