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Brazil will host, on November 8, 2019, the 16th Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Lima Group. This will be the first meeting of the Group to be held in that country.

Comprised of Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Saint Lucia and Venezuela, in addition to Brazil, the Lima Group is the main regional forum for dialogue on the Venezuelan crisis and for coordinating its member countries’ common positions in international forums. The group meets periodically to assess developments in the Venezuelan crisis and to discuss strategies of political and diplomatic pressure on the illegitimate regime of Nicolás Maduro.

The meeting in Brasília will offer an opportunity to renew and discuss mechanisms available to help cease the usurpation of power in Venezuela by Nicolás Maduro and to facilitate redemocratization in that country, bearing in mind, above all, the enormous suffering the dictatorial regime has inflicted on the Venezuelan people.

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