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Upon invitation of the Prime Minister of Israel, H.E. Benjamin Netanyahu, the President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, H.E. Jair Bolsonaro, made an official visit to Israel from March 31 to April 3, 2019, writing another chapter in the shared history of the two countries.

The two leaders decided to raise bilateral relations to a higher level of priority, building on the solid historical links between the two countries since the creation of Israel, as evidenced by the conclusion of several instruments of bilateral cooperation, in the fields of Science and Technology; Defense; Public Security; Civil Aviation; Cyber Security; and Health. Both Governments will take the necessary steps to carry out and implement our newly signed agreements in the aforementioned fields.

The two leaders affirmed that the partnership between Brazil and Israel is based upon our shared values of freedom, democracy, market economy, justice and peace, and our mutual determination to achieve prosperity for our peoples. In this context, Israel reiterated its strong support to Brazil’s accession to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Israel recalled with appreciation the key role played by Brazil during the United Nations General Assembly Session that approved Resolution 181, in 1947, under the presidency of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, Oswaldo Aranha, giving way to the recreation of the State of Israel in the ancient homeland of the Jewish people, on May 14, 1948.

Brazil recalled that Jerusalem has been inseparable of the identity of the Jewish people for over three millennia and has become the political heart of the modern and thriving State of Israel. In this spirit, and 72 years after participating in the first chapter of the recreation of the State of Israel, Brazil decided to establish an office in Jerusalem for the promotion of trade, investment, technology and innovation to be coordinated by the Foreign Ministry.

Both Brazil and Israel recalled the significance of Jerusalem for Christians as well as for Muslims and stressed the importance of observing the principle of freedom of worship around the world. In this spirit, Israel also recalled its proclamation of Independence of 14 May 1948, guaranteeing freedom of religion, and safeguarding the Holy Places of all religions. Through its friendship with Israel, Brazil will remain especially committed to contributing with any efforts aimed at safeguarding the Holy Sepulchre and other Christian holy sites in Jerusalem.



The leaders noted with satisfaction that, in meetings between the ministers of mining and energy, the two governments agreed to cooperate in a variety of sectors, such as oil and gas, thermoelectricity and renewables. In the field of energy and mining, they acknowledged the transformational role of innovation, robotics and cyber security. As two relevant producers of natural gas, the two countries will exchange best practices on the design of domestic natural gas markets.


Science, Technology and Innovation

 The two leaders welcomed the signing of the Agreement for Cooperation in Science and Technology, which will allow for more adequate planning, monitoring and evaluation of bilateral activities, as well as the launch of new S&T initiatives. They expressed satisfaction with efforts to bring the Brazilian and Israeli innovation ecosystems closer together. In this contexto, they celebrated the launch of joint calls between FINEP and EMBRAPII with the Israeli Innovation Authority, as well as the first edition of the “Scaleup in Brazil” program with Israeli startups.


Trade promotion / investments

The leaders noted that the exchanges between Brazil and Israel in the fields of science, technology and innovation illustrate that synergies in several areas can and must be further explored in order to stimulate reciprocal investments, which are beneath the size and complexity of the economies of the two countries.


Civil aviation

The leaders took note with satisfaction of the celebration of an air services agreement between Brazil and Israel. The agreement seeks to increase connectivity between both countries by ensuring broad operational freedom to air companies, which will help strengthen the ties among the societies of the two countries.


Public security and cyber security

The leaders undertook to deepen bilateral cooperation on public security and on the fight against all forms of organized crime. In this regard, they expressed their satisfaction with the possibilities offered by the signing of a bilateral agreement on public security and a memorandum of understanding on cyber security.



The leaders emphasized the mutual benefits arising from cooperation on defense-related matters and expressed their commitment to engage in constructive dialogue in this field. They welcomed the signature of the Agreement on Cooperation in Defense-Related Matters, which provides a legal framework for joint military initiatives and paves the way for closer ties on this subject.



The leaders reiterated Brazil’s and Israel’s recognition of the interim President Juan Guaidó as the legitimate leader of Venezuela, and stressed both countries’ firm commitment to supporting the Venezuelan people in their struggle towards the end of Maduro’s regime and the full restablishment of democracy in that country.


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