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The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Aloysio Nunes, will close the first meeting of Brazilian attachés in South America on border security later today, June 21, at 6pm.

The purpose of the meeting is to assess the security situation in South American countries and to present actions with a view to develop the joint work between Brazilian security agencies and their counterparts in other countries, with an emphasis on the integration of initiatives by Brazilian organizations in their common work with their counterparts in neighboring countries.

In addition to the attachés and heads of the Security and Defense Sections of each post in South America, participants included representatives of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defense, Office of Institutional Security, Ministry of Public Security, the Federal Police Department, the Federal Highway Police Department, the Federal Revenue Service and the Brazilian Intelligence Agency.

 Since 2016, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has undertaken several initiatives to strengthen ties of cooperation with countries in the region in the fight against transnational crimes. Those initiatives include the Southern Cone Ministerial Meeting on Border Security, the creation of Security and Defense Sections at the embassies and the deepening of the collaboration, in each post, between the Federal Police, the Federal Revenue Service. the Brazilian Intelligence Agency, and the Defense, Navy, Army and Air Force attachés.


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