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In the context of the ongoing efforts to improve its dialogue with citizens and to modernize its public governance policy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has created the Foreign Service Ombudsman, responsible for receiving and analyzing complaints, requests, comments and suggestions on the activities of the ministry.

The Foreign Service Ombudsman joins other instances in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that are aimed at increasing transparency of its actions, such as the Ombudsman's Office, the Office of Internal Control, the Consular Ombudsman, the Ethics Committee, the Information Service to Citizens - SIC and the Commission for Prevention and Confrontation of Moral, Sexual and Discrimination Harassment - CPADIS.

The Foreign Service Ombudsman, subordinated to the General Inspectorate of Foreign Service, will act in an articulated manner with the ombudsmen of other entities of the federal public administration.

Contact with the Foreign Service Ombudsman is available via e-mail and the telephones (61) 2030 8688 and (61) 2030 8687.

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