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A series of seven informative videos about the 2018 presidential elections abroad, prepared by the Brazilian Electoral Court, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, are now available on the latter’s website. The videos provide general data and public information on the voting process overseas.

The series of videos records the results of the work carried out by the Electoral Court in coordination with the Itamaraty to facilitate the exercise of the right to vote by Brazilians living abroad, which allowed the expansion of the overseas electorate from 18,492 voters in 1989 to 500,728 in 2018, an increase of 2,707%. In order for this increase in registered voters to result in greater participation in the October ballot, 1,424 ballot boxes will be sent to 125 countries, a total of 743 electoral sections distributed in 171 cities. Thirty-three additional polling stations were opened in locations with a large concentration of Brazilians and in which there is no permanent consular representation, such as Florence and Venice (Italy), Cologne and Hamburg (Germany), Orlando, Salt Lake City and Framingham (United States) Winnipeg (Canada) and the Bekaa Valley (Lebanon).

The series of videos recalls advances such as the introduction of the Net Overseas National Voter Registration Card in February 2017, which made it possible to speed up the registration and the transfer of electoral precinct. Processes that used to take an average of one year to complete were carried out in real time. This platform, covered on one of the videos, on which about 76 thousand Brazilians have already been registered, facilitated the process of regularization of the electoral situation, which is also a legal requirement for the exercising of various acts of civil life. The specificities in organizing elections outside the country and the challenges faced in different regions, such as South America, North America, Europe and Asia, are also portrayed.

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