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On August 23 Minister Aloysio Nunes Ferreira welcomed Ms. Laura Chinchilla, former president of Costa Rica and head of the Organization of American States (OAS) Electoral Observation Mission to the October general elections in Brazil. The main objective of the OAS Electoral Observation Missions is to observe electoral processes in order to establish and share good practices and identify possible areas for improvement, thus contributing to strengthening democratic processes in the hemisphere. This will be the first time that the Brazilian elections will be observed by an OAS mission.

The Mission members will make a preliminary visit this week to gather information on the progress of the organization of the elections and to know the perspectives of the different actors involved. Throughout September and October, Mission representatives will monitor the final phase of the election campaign and the first and second rounds of the election.

The number of missions carried out has grown steadily, as has the number of countries requesting them. Since 1962 more than 240 missions have been carried out in 28 of the 34 Member States of the OAS.

To carry out an EOM/OAS, the General Secretariat of the Organization and the host country sign two agreements that establish the conditions for the Mission to carry out its work with independence and autonomy: the Agreement on Procedures for Electoral Observation, which, in the case of Brazil, was signed between the OAS and the Supreme Electoral Court of Brazil (TSE) in December 2017, and the Agreement on Privileges and Immunities, signed on August 23 by the head of the EOM and Minister Aloysio Nunes Ferreira.

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