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The Foreign and Defense Ministers of Brazil and Chile will preside in Brasilia on August 9, 2018 over the first Meeting of the Brazil-Chile Political-Military Dialogue (Mechanism 2+2). In addition to the ministers, the meeting will bring together civil and military authorities of the Foreign and Defense Ministries of both countries, responsible for strategic issues.

The 2+2 Political-Military Dialogue between Brazil and Chile plays a key role in deepening bilateral political and defense dialogue. The mechanism aims to promote the exchange of perspectives in strategic planning and international security, as well as views on how the two countries position themselves both regionally and globally. The meeting agenda will include peacekeeping operations, the role of inter-American defense institutions, regional challenges, Antarctic cooperation, cyber security, science and technology, and the defense industrial base.

On the occasion, the Foreign and Defense Ministers of both countries will sign the Protocol on Data Exchange and Defense Cataloguing Services, complementary to the 2009 Agreement between Brazil and Chile on Defense Cooperation.

In recent years, defense cooperation between Brazil and Chile has advanced, with high-level visits reflecting the growing political will to deepen bilateral cooperation initiatives. In addition to the 2+2 Mechanism, the Bilateral Defense Working Group with Chile and the meeting of Defense Chiefs of Staff also take place regularly. These two bodies also meet this week, prior to the meeting of the 2+2 Mechanism.

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