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The Brazilian consulates in North America will be holding a coordination meeting on July 6-7 in Chicago with the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Aloysio Nunes Ferreira, and representatives of the consulates general of Brazil in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Hartford, Houston, Los Angeles, Mexico, Miami, Montreal, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver and Washington, and of the embassies of Brazil in Mexico City, Ottawa and Washington.

The aim of the meeting is to review the ongoing effort to improve assistance to Brazilian communities in North America, which total approximately 1.6 million people, the largest contingent of Brazilian nationals abroad. Consular assistance policies include initiatives to expand consular assistance, foster Brazilian citizens councils, combat gender violence, support small businesses, promote education for children and facilitate voting from abroad.

The coordination meeting will specifically address the impact of the current U.S. government immigration policy on Brazilian communities, in particular the situation of minors separated from their parents or guardians who are being held in 16 shelters in the United States, a practice in clear violation of the international instruments of child protection and whose announced revocation is expected to be enforced soon. Other topics to be discussed include the consular support that has been provided to minors and the legal assistance for parents and guardians with a view to recovering custody and reunifying families. Minister Aloysio Nunes will visit Brazilian minors that are being held at the Heartland Alliance shelter.

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