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The Governments of Brazil and Mexico have agreed to bring into effect the Short-Term Tourist Visa Waiver for Regular Passports, signed on November 23, 2000. The Agreement allows citizens of Brazil and Mexico to enter each other's countries without a visa for periods up to 90 days from the date of entry, which can be renewed, provided that the stay does not exceed 180 days within a one-year period. The implementation of the agreement had been suspended on September 8, 2005, with effect from October 23 of that same year.

The measure will be implemented from a date to be set and announced by the parties as soon as possible.

The Brazilian Government conveys its satisfaction with the measure, which will further foster relations between the two countries, directly benefiting tourists and business travelers.

The Brazilian Government particularly welcomes the possibility that Mexican citizens may travel to Brazil, without previously having to obtain an entry visa, to watch the big events of 2013 (the Confederations Cup and the World Youth Day), 2014 (the World Cup) and 2016 (the Olympics and the Paralympics).

Trade between Brazil and Mexico grew by 244% from 2002 to 2012, when it reached US$ 10 billion, over 11.0% higher than in 2011. In 2012, Brazil was Mexico's 8th largest trading partner. In turn, within the period January-November 2012, Mexico became Brazil's 10th largest trading partner.

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