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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil launched today the "Electronic Visitor Visa Program - E-VISA” for citizens of Australia, Canada, the US and Japan. In 2016, Brazilian consulates in these four countries accounted for 63.74% of the Brazilian tourism visa demand worldwide and for 58.15% of the demand for business visas.

The initiative adds speed and convenience to the visa application process for Brazil and increases the efficiency in the provision of consular services. Foreign applicants may apply for the E-visa and obtain it online, via the website or through apps for mobile phones or tablets. The beneficiary must submit to the airline, in a first phase of the project, a hard copy or digital image of the electronic visa in order to be allowed to embark to Brazil. The Brazilian Federal Police is fully integrated to the E-visa system and there is a prospect, in the near future, of integration to the system of e-Gates at Brazilian airports, currently only available to Brazilian citizens.

The Brazilian E-visa will cost USD 40, which is substantially cheaper than the traditional visa, and will have a maximum validity of two years. If necessary, applicants may also continue to apply for a visa in the traditional way, through the Brazilian consular network.

The planned dates for the entry into operation of the electronic visa are the following: November 21, 2017, for Australian nationals; January 11, 2018, for Japanese nationals; January 18, 2018, for Canadian nationals, and January 25, 2018, for US citizens.

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