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72 years ago, the Charter of San Francisco, the founding document of the United Nations, came into force. Brazil, as a founding member of the organization, renews its commitment to the United Nations and its principles in the pursuit of a more peaceful, just and prosperous world for all.

The work done by the UN over these seven decades is invaluable. The organization played a central role in fostering cooperation in areas such as development and health, in the consolidation of international law and human rights, and in the provision of humanitarian assistance.

The anniversary of the UN presents an opportunity to reflect on contemporary challenges. On all fronts, from the upsurge of armed conflict and threats to civilian populations to the new realities of migration and the fight against climate change, the UN occupies a central position.

The Brazilian government reiterates its recognition to the organization and its commitment to work for a more representative, effective and legitimate UN, in particular through the pressing reform of its Security Council. Brazil will continue to work in close partnership with the United Nations to achieve the common ideals of sustainable development, human rights and lasting peace.

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